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PCD Shaving Dies PCD Shaving Dies

PCD Shaving Dies

  • Grain size :5um,10um,25um
  • Diameter: 0.7mm~6.0mm(0.0275"~0.2362")
  • PCD:Sharp cutting edge
  • Wires: Gold, silver, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium
  • Product description:PCD shaving dies for aluminium welding wires,copper & aluminium alloy rods,aluminium metallizing wires. copper, aluminum, aluminum-magnesium ,aluminum-silicon welding wires and so on.

Shaving dies are widely used for shaving application. With the biggest hardness, abrasive resistance and fastest thermal conductivity, PCD is an ideal material for cutting tools of nonferrous metals. Moreover,PCD Shaving dies can provide a superior surface finish and consistency for different wires.


Sharp edge.

Low friciton.

Long life time.

Predictable wire surface.

Excellent thermal conductivity.

High production efficiency.

Consistent wire diameter.

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