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Additional Service

Dies Recutting/Repolishing

Besides manufacturing new dies, we also supply dies recutting/repolishing service.

Dies Matching

If customers require, we are able to calculate the diameter of the whole dies chain to help for dies matching.

Daily Service

Supply Capacity

15,000pcs / month

Delivery Time

For standard dies order, the delivery time is 5-10 days after receipt of formal order.

For customized products, the delivery time will be about 14 days.

We also prepare for the urgent orders and can deliver the products in time.

Prompt response  within 12 hours

Your requirements will be responded within 12 hours.



Contact:Crystal Shen

Phone: +86-0371-68273890


Add:No. 866, Weilai Road, Guancheng Zone, Zhengzhou, 450009,Henan,China

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