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FAQS for tin coating copper

In tin coating processes, sometimes there are some questions. These questions' reasons and solutions are as follows for your reference,

Question 1: Copper wire is not totally coated by tin

a.Surface of the cooper is not clean with lubricant or other dirt.
b.When copper wire passes the tin furnace, it dose not go through the guide wheel.
c.The annealing pipe is not clean enough.
d.Tin coating die’s hole is not round and the entrance is blocked by tin.
e.Tin furnace level is lower than that of the die’s hole.
f.The copper wire is scratched, not going through the guide wheel.
a.Before producing, ensure the soldering flux groove is clean.
b.Keep all the wire going through the guide wheel.
c.Clean the annealing pipe regularly.
d.Clean the tin coating dies by ultrasonic cleaning machine before tin coating.
e.Tin furnace level should be 1-2mm higher than that of the dies' hole.
f. Check usually to ensure the wire go through the guide wheel.
Question 2: The copper wire is wetted by tin
a.Coating dies matching is not reasonable.
b.Die entrance is blocked by tin residue or hard matter.
c.When add soldering flux, the tin falls on the wire.
d.The wire is not fully cooled after coming from tin furnace.
e.The dies groove leaks tin.
a.Match the dies chain reasonably.
b.Clean the dies in time.
c.When add soldering flux, put a piece of shelter on the wire pole.
d.Adjust production speed or increase air cooling equipments.
e.Check and change problematic dies groove in time.
Question 3: Local Oxidation
a.Edge or bottom of the reel is oxidized.
b.Wire surface is locally oxidized.
a.Wipe the reels by alcohol before collecting wires.
b.Avoid touch the wire directly by hand when move wires and twine the PE film tightly.




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