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Possible reasons for wear of the dies

Generally speaking, the dies will be worn because of following reasons, 

Questions of the dies

a. The die blank is not symmetric with the case and it caused U crack in the die in wire drawing process.

b. In laser drilling process, if the laser trace is not cleaned or there is stress left in blank, the die will have pits in wire drawing process.

c. If geometry of the inner hole of the die is not reasonable, say small entrance, long bearing, it will lead to bad lubricating and the die may be worn or broken.

Questions of the wire drawing process

a. Reduction ratio of the die is too big to lead to die crack.

b. The drawing axis is not symmetric with the dies’ hole axis. This causes stress to accelerate wear of the dies.

c. Uneven hardness of the wire caused by uneven annealing will bring ring grooves to the dies.

d. Residue or dirt on wire surface will also cause wear of the dies.

e. Not thorough lubricating or impure lubricant leads to wear of the dies.




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