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Nano Dies

  • Diameter:1.2mm~60.0mm (0.047"~2.362")
  • Coating: Chemical vapor deposition CVD
  • Wires:Copper,aluminum,brass,aluminum and alloys
  • Product description:Nano dies from 0.047" to 2.362" for kinds of wires.

Physical Properties of the Coating

Vickers Hardness


Young Modulus

Thermal Conductivity





Diamond Grain Size

Abrasive Ratio

Thermal Expansivity(k)

Tensile Strength





Chemical Properties of the Coating

Do not produce chemical reaction to any acid and base.

Nano dies have unique nanocrystalline diamond composite structures(chemical vapor deposition CVD ) to achieve significant productivity improvements.The diamond coating makes nano dies exceptional in durability and smoothness.

Appliable Wires

Copper,aluminum,brass,aluminum,alloys,low-high carbon and stainless steel wires and tubes.


High cost performance.

High production efficiency.

Low friciton.

Bright wire surface.

No wear ring and scratch.

Very hard die surface.

Free of die recutting.

0% tolerance in full die life.

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