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  • PCD Dies for Tubes
  • PCD Dies for Tubes
PCD Dies for TubesPCD Dies for Tubes

PCD Dies for Tubes

  • Diameter : 5.0mm ~ 29.0mm (0.19685
  • Grain size :10um,25um,50um
  • Tubes and bars:stainless steel, copper , aluminum
  • Product description:PCD dies for tubes and bars with big diameter

Diameter Rgange

Φ5.0mm to Φ29.0mm.

Grain Size of PCD Blanks

10 micron、25micron、50 micron are available.

Appliable Scope

Stainells steel,copper,aluminum,nickel,chrome,molybdenum,wolfram,polycilicon cutting line,steel cord,construction tubes and bars and so on.

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